Best Multicooker in 2021

The Multicooker is a smart cooking appliance with automatic programs to cook, brown, simmer or sear your small dishes, without you waiting. Electric, powerful and autonomous, the multicooker is available in different ranges, ranging from very easy to use and functional devices, to the best multicooker in 2021: Instant Pot the undisputed market leader.
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Prices range from a few tens of dollars to more than 300 $, hence the interest in targeting your expectations and your needs before investing. If you want to acquire a versatile and versatile cooking appliance, the multicooker will certainly make you happy.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60

The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has 14 One-Touch Programs and different preparation modes to make your daily kitchen easier. You will also appreciate its HUNDREDS OF RECIPES in the free Instant Pot app which makes it the best high pressure multicooker.

However, it is not reasonable to summarize this device with these few characteristics. Discover The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 through the descriptive analysis that we have carefully prepared for you.

The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has a power of 1600 watts. This power allows it to be a versatile and fast device. Indeed, the free Instant Pot recipes app on iOS and Android devices has 1000 plus recipes that make your daily kitchen easier and nearly 13 cooking modes that allow you to make several recipes and also keep your preparations warm or cook them quickly.

The removable cooking bowl of the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has a capacity of 8-quart (exist in 3 differents sizes), which is more than enough to cook up good meals for 8 people.In addition, the inner coating of the bowl is made of Stainless Steel. 

This multicooker is also equipped with convenient handles to allow you to easily move your appliance from one place to another. Regarding the cooking modes of the Instant Pot IP-DUO60, you have the choice between cooking your food under pressure or steaming it. You can also brown, simmer, keep warm or reheat your food with the appliance.

Maintaining this device is not difficult. Indeed, you just have to follow the instructions contained in the user manual. Good maintenance will allow you to benefit from the good performance of this device well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty (1year).

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Aroma ARC-150SB

The Aroma ARC-150SB Multicooker is a convenient kitchen appliance for quickly cooking a wide variety of meals including whole roast chicken, risottos and ribs. It can prepare enough meals for 5 or 6 people at one time and is easy to use.

To allow you to better appreciate the qualities of this multicooker, we present to you its intrinsic characteristics in detail.

With 5 quarts non-stick pot, the Aroma ARC-150SB Multicooker is convenient for up to 4 people. This cooking appliance uses 1000 watts of power to ensure fast cooking. It is also versatile and offers  different cooking modes which are Keep-Warm , white/brown rice, steam/slow cook functions.  In addition to its automatic functions, the Aroma ARC-150SB also offers manual cooking options allowing full control to prepare preparations according to your preferences. This allows you to set the cooking time and temperature yourself. In case of absence, it is also possible to program a delayed start of this multicooker.

The various digital settings of the Aroma ARC-150SB are easily made from a control panel equipped with numerous buttons allowing you to choose a function with just one button. It also has a small screen showing the countdown to the end of a cooking cycle.

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The test criteria we considered

The best multicooker in 2021, “ideal” multicooker for the majority of users, must in our opinion meet certain criteria. What are they ?

The tank and performance

This is the main element of the multicooker, For a small family of about 5 members, a tank with a capacity of 4 quarts. On the other hand, you may prefer a large capacity multicooker (about 6 quarts). Ideally, it should be made of stainless steel, covered with a non-stick coating, but also removable and fitted with handles.

In terms of performance, make sure you have an appliance that offers a relatively quick cooking time. Some models also incorporate the “pressure cooker” cooking method, which saves time even when making long recipes.

Programs and features

A large selection of programs are available on all modern multicookers. Some have only ten and others much more. The best multicooker is not the one with the most recorded programs, but rather the one whose programs will really serve you wel .

When making your choice, take the time to see if the programs offered on the model that interests you are really relevant to you.


Choose an appliance that will be in harmony with your kitchen. A beautiful color will give more allure to the room. If you have lack of space, opt for a rather compact model that will take up very little space and will be easy to store when the time comes. 

Your most frequently asked questions: Q&A

How exactly does a multicooker work?

Before making the decision to acquire a multicooker, you may be curious to learn more about this device, which is present in more and more homes. Like its alter ego, the robot cooker, a multicooker is an appliance intended for cooking various types of dishes.

Its overall operating principle is quite simple. To prepare a meal, all you have to do is select the corresponding program and indicate the expected cooking time.

Of course, it will have been necessary to add the necessary ingredients for the chosen recipe beforehand. These settings allow the multicooker to cook the dish evenly and successfully . The accessories have a very specific role and contribute to the proper functioning of the multicooker.

For example, the steamer basket will be used for the preparation of vegetables or other foods to be steamed. The tank allows you to cook rice, simmer dishes in sauce, make ratatouille, cakes and many other preparations.  As underlined above, each dish has a specific program.

What are the differences between Multi-cooker, steamer and slow cooker?

The slow cooker is a device specially designed to simmer dishes, in other words to cook them very slowly and gently so as to bring out the flavor. The cooking process is therefore quite long, often several hours.

The steamer is mainly used for steaming vegetables or other foods. It is particularly valued because of its ability to retain vitamins and nutrients in food.

The multicooker is capable of playing not only the role of the steamer, but also that of the slow cooker. It is therefore more versatile than the first two because it is able to take on several roles and therefore achieve a greater number of recipes.

Summary: which multicooker to choose?

If you are targeting a device with the best performance and advanced programs the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 had the last word from our cooks.

The best price / quality ratio is certainly the Aroma ARC-150SB

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