Best compact dryer in 2021

The rope to dry is very good… unless you don't have the inclination or the space to use it. Fortunately, the dryer exists! After spending dozens of hours searching for the best compact dryer in 2021, 24SET present a complete report on the subject with its favorite at the top of the list: Panda PAN865W.
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The tumble dryer allows you to quickly dry your laundry whatever the weather or season.  you don’t need to have a large space to hang out your laundry. So it’s no surprise that more and more homes have a tumble dryer. However, making the right choice is not always easy.

To help you make a success of your choice, we will present in this file the best compact dryer in 2021: Panda PAN865W with technical characteristics and review, we will also answer the question how to choose the best laundry dryer based on our criteria.

best compact dryer in 2021: Panda PAN865W

Technical characteristics

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Panda PAN865W: Test and Review

The Panda PAN865W tumble dryer is a model that impresses with good price / quality ratio and satisfactory laundry drying performance. It has a stainless steel drum with a maximum drying capacity of 8.8 lbs.

The compact shape of the Panda PAN865W dryer makes it a good option for a small interior. In addition, it has an adjustable child safety lock for safe use each time it is switched on.

According to your needs, you have the choice between sensor dry and manual dry . A touch-screen control panel will let you know precisely which mode is running and the time remaining. it can Coordinate with Panda washers and other washing machines.

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How to choose the best Laundry Dryer ? Our criteira

Drying technology, type of load, functionality and noise level are some of the most important criteria in choosing a good dryer. Let us now examine the importance of these different criteria in the use of this device.

Drying technology

best compact dryer in 2021

There are 3 main drying technologies: evacuation, conventional condensation and heat pump. Vented dryers are equipped with a pipe communicating with the outside in order to evacuate the hot and humid air resulting from the drying of the laundry. Their maintenance is simple and their purchase price is low. However, They consume a lot of energy.

Condensing dryers and those with a heat pump operate in a closed circuit. They are equipped with a tray for collecting water from drying. This container must be emptied regularly so as not to hamper the performance of the device. In addition, models equipped with a heat pump consume less energy than those with conventional condensation.

The type of load

type load dryer

You have the choice between the dryer opening from the top (top) and the front type (window). Top opening models are convenient for people with lower back pain. To charge it, you don’t need to bend down. They also take up little space on the ground, since their base is reduced. However, their capacity is no more than 13 lbs, so they are not suitable for large families .

The porthole dryer has a wider base than the top version. Also, in terms of capacity, you can have a window model capable of drying up to 28 lbs of laundry at one time. the opening system make it built-in or stackable on a washing machine.


fonctions dryer

The built-in programs give an exact idea of ​​the type of laundry it can dry. The most efficient models have specific programs for duvets, bed linen, sports clothes and synthetic fabrics in clothing, wool, cotton, silk, etc . Some programs dry your laundry so that it is ready to iron or ready to be put away from the drum. As for the Quick and Eco programs, they allow rapid and economical drying.

In addition to the drying programs, a tumble dryer usually has a few convenient options such as anti-crease, temperature setting and drying time. With the delayed start, you can program a drying cycle to start on its own at a specific time.

The noise level

noise level

The sound level of tumble dryers usually doesn’t exceed 70 decibels. However, we recommend models with a sound level of around 65 decibels. You will find the sound level of a tumble dryer on the energy label.

Final Thought for the Panda PAN865W

The Panda PAN865W dryer is proving to be a practical choice for small apartments. Indeed, due to compact shape, it can be easily stored without cluttering. it satisfies with its good power . It also offers convenient drying mode and child safety for safe use. We regret, however, that isn’t economical.

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