The best luggage and suitcase: Buying Guide for 2021

The suitcase universe is made up of a variety of suitcases. There are all sizes (large, medium and small) and all categories (flexible, rigid and semi-rigid). In this luggage and Suitcase Buying guide we will guide you to choose the best luggage and suitcase that fit your need.
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What luggage should I buy ?

This diversity of choice has the advantage of allowing everyone to afford the best luggage andΒ  suitcase, taking into account individual needs and requirements. However, meeting needs is not the only parameter to consider when choosing a luggage and suitcase. For example, when preparing for a trip by plane, train or bus, one must take into account the requirements imposed on travelers by different transport companies, and generally the cabin suitcase is the recommended accessory for such trips.

Therefore, take into account the standards imposed even when it comes to cabin baggage, especially as these standards vary from company to company. This luggage and Suitcase Buying guide for 2021 has been developed to help you choose cabin baggage that meets not only your needs, but also the standards imposed by the airlines.

Best Luggage and Suitcase Buying guide for 2021: our 6 criteria

    1. Size
    2. The weight
    3. Resistance
    4. Ease of movement
    5. Practicality
    6. Brand


The suitcases are classified into different sizes and the smallest size in this classification is the cabin size. A cabin suitcase has a height of approximately 55 centimeters. With such a height, this type of suitcase can only carry what you need for a trip of a few days. So you can only take what is needed. While the size of a carry-on suitcase seems to be a disadvantage in some situations, in other circumstances it turns out to be an advantage. Indeed, due to its small dimensions, it takes up little space for easy storage.

The cabin suitcase is presented as the best choice when it comes to flying. With this hand luggage, you have the possibility of traveling while keeping your personal belongings close to you. However, it may happen that your baggage is sent to the aircraft hold even if it’s carried in a carry-on suitcase. This situation is explained by the size regulations that each company requires for travelers. Most airlines accept a carry-on suitcase whose sum of dimensions is less than or equal to (115 centimeters). However, some airlines are more stringent and may then impose smaller dimensions. This is the case for low cost airlines, for example. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you find out about your airline’s requirements to make sure you meet their weight requirements so that you can keep your cabin baggage close to you.

2- The Weight

how to choose a luggage 2021After size, weight is also a very important aspect in choosing cabin luggage. While it is true that due to its small dimensions the cabin suitcase does not weigh much even when full, its weight can be a problem when boarding. Indeed, as with size, airlines subject all travelers to weight limitations. This strict measure is safe, as it prevents overloading the device. However, the weight limitation may vary from company to company. Thus, some companies can only accept 10 kilograms or even less while others can tolerate much more.

For this purpose, it is good to be aware of the weight requirements of your airline in order to avoid any complications. Indeed, non-compliance with standards inevitably exposes you to additional costs when boarding.

3- Resistance

how to choose a luggage 2021

In terms of resistance, the hard suitcase offers more guarantees than the soft suitcase or the semi-rigid suitcase due to its hard shell which allows it to withstand shocks. However, some cases are less durable than others. For this, we recommend that you choose a shell made of 100% polypropylene or polycarbonate to have resistant luggage. If you prefer to choose a semi-rigid suitcase, opt for a polyester coating. This coating has the advantage of being waterproof and resisting wear over time, enough to accompany you for decades. However, it cannot protect your fragile items in the event of impact. As for the soft suitcase, it offers less resistance than the other two categories and can tear. This is explained by its fabric or nylon cover. It is therefore preferable to opt for a fabric that is resistant enough to prevent your suitcase from being taken out of service prematurely. Regardless of the coating, a good way to assess the strength of a suitcase is to check its warranty. The best luggage has a guarantee that can go beyond 10 years.

Being designed for the transport of personal effects, the cabin suitcase must be able to offer guarantees in terms of protection of personal effects. As you can imagine, falls are inevitable. Thus, during a fall, the integrity of the fragile items you are carrying can be put to the test. Apart from falls, cabin baggage is subject to mistreatment, especially during checks at the airport. To do this, choose a model that is strong enough to withstand heavy shocks and at the same time protect the integrity of your fragile items.

4- Ease of Movement

how to choose a luggage 2021

The cabin suitcase is generally an accessory that is easy to transport or move since its small size does not allow for a large number of personal effects. Thus, it is possible to lift the suitcase to move it. However, this will not always be ideal, as your arms can get tired if you have to carry your luggage for too long. Therefore, it is important that your carry-on suitcase has a movement system to make it easier for you. This system can only be the presence of wheels to drag your luggage without needing to support the weight. In fact, practically all suitcases have wheels.

If the presence of casters is very important, so is the number of casters. In fact, the higher the number of wheels, the better the handling of the suitcase. Thus, a 4-wheel hand luggage is easier to maneuver than a model with only 2 wheels. Logically, the luggage will be even easier to maneuver if its 4 wheels are doubled.


how to choose the best luggageChoosing a practical carry-on baggage can only offer you advantages. To choose a practical model, you need to take into account the wheels, handles and locking system.

  • The wheels make their contribution to the practicality of a cabin suitcase by facilitating movement. Thus, it is better to opt for a 4-wheeled suitcase for easier movement. However, the practicality of the carry-on wheels is not simply defined by their number. Indeed, the wheels must allow the suitcase to be dragged discreetly. For this, you must opt ​​for rubber wheels. Besides that, it is also good that the wheels are wide and removable to change them if necessary.
  • The presence of handles is also essential. Indeed, without a handle, it is impossible to drag the suitcase on its wheels. For this purpose, the presence of a telescopic handle is very important and turns out to be a major advantage. You can adjust its length to move comfortably with your hand luggage. Apart from the telescopic handle, the presence of a carrying handle is also necessary.
  • Cabin baggage must be able to protect your personal effects against theft, hence the need for a resistant closure system. For this, it is important that the closure is strong so as not to spoil, because a suitcase without closure is of no use. Aside from protecting the lock, it is very important that your hand luggage has a lock for added security. You have the choice between a key lock and a code lock.


By choosing a luggage suitcase, you choose a brand. So, when buying your luggage suitcase, you inevitably come across models from the Samsonite brand. This brand bears the label of undisputed leader in the world of suitcases thanks to its high quality suitcases. It is followed by two other brands which are Delsey and American Tourister which also offer quality models. In addition, you can meet other brands like Eastpak, Trunki and Alistair. Although they don’t have the same notoriety as Samsonite, Delsey and American Tourister, they offer practical and reliable models. When choosing a luggage suitcase, we recommend that you check the reputation of the after-sales service of the brand you choose. This allows you to be sure to find a quick and suitable solution to your situation In case of a manufacturing problem or other problem.

Conclusion: choosing the best luggage suitcase in 2021

Ultimately, we will retain from this luggage and suitcase buying guide for 2021 that the main criteria to consider when choosing are:

  • The size and weight in order to meet the standards imposed by transport companies. Also, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with your airline’s requirements before choosing a suitcase.
  • Resistance to avoid choosing poor quality hand luggage that will give up after a few uses.
  • The movement system for the easiest movement in all circumstances.
  • Convenience in order to find hand luggage that will not add to the stress of the trip.
  • The brand to be sure to find a good carry-on baggage, but above all, quick solutions from the after-sales service in case of problems.
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