Best dethatcher in 2021: GreenWorks

The Dethatcher is a little-known device, but it’s nevertheless essential for the maintenance of a lawn. In this article we present to you the best Dethatcher in 2021 based on our criteria.
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Large or small surfaces, it removes from lawns the superficial layer of plants  which forms during the year and which prevents the good growth of the lawn. The purpose of the scarifier is therefore to  restore all its vigor and beauty to the lawn , whatever the time of year.

To achieve this result, the scarifier is fitted with blades which help to aerate the lawn and to rid it of moss and other plants which suffocate it, preventing it from moving. Depending on the configuration and size of the area to be maintained, the user has a choice of three power modes.

This means that the choice of a scarifier deserves that we take our time and that we properly analyze its various characteristics. We have therefore selected for you the best scarifier and lawn dethatcher in 2021 with most important criteria to consider when purchasing a scarifier.

Best dethatcher in 2021 : GreenWorks 27022

Technical characteristics:

Our Rating:

GreenWorks 27022 : Test and Review

For fast and efficient scarification the GreenWorks 27022 dethatcher has a motor with a power output of 10 amp. This motor drives a roller ball bearing composed of Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performanceThe working depth is adjustable on 3 position provides greater control. In addition, to avoid damaging the blades and the ground during transport, this Dethatcher offers a position keeping the blades at the right height. However, this dethatcher from GreenWorks isn’t equipped with a grass collector, which will require you to collect the waste that will result from the cut.   

The inexpensive dethatcher 27022 from GreenWorks is also an ecological device due to its electric operation. For this purpose, it has a long cable fixed so as to avoid any accidental loosening and which at the same time ensures unrestricted mobility. It also has a large wheels for easy movement and allowing it to be stable.

The structure of this scarifier is made of high quality plastic and is able to withstand shocks of a certain intensity. The GreenWorks 27022 dethatcher also comes with 4 year warranty.

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How to choose the best dethatcher in 2021 ? Our criteira

To have a good Dethatcher at home, certain criteria must be taken into accountHowever, before you can determine which features are right for you, you need to analyze your needs – that is, calculate your lawn area.

 Here’s what you need to watch throughout the process:

The type of dethatcher

The choice of a manual, electric or thermal dethatcher depends above all on the size of your lawn. However, you also have to consider your physical abilities. This is because even though for a small lawn of around 50 square meters , a manual scarifier can do the job very well , you need to make sure that you have the physical skills to manually scarify the lawn.

For an area between 100 and 500 square meters , an electric dethatcher with a proportional power of 600 to 2000 watts is to be preferred. For larger grounds, a thermal dethatcher is obviously the best option.

The blades and their specificities

The blades determine to a large extent the performance of a dethatcher . Qualified as teeth, knives or even claws, they are the ones who take care of ridding your soil of plant felt and plants that suffocate it and prevent it from evolving correctly at the right stroke height.

The more of them, the better . On some models, we can have up to 20. They must be resistant, ideally hardened steel. In addition, they must offer good penetrating capacity.

For a properly ventilated soil, a depth of about 2 mm is a major advantage. In addition, for a faster coverage of the surface to be treated, a good cutting width is a criterion to be examined. We therefore appreciate a width of about 12 inches for quick results with little effort.


An easy-to-handle dethatcher enhances the pleasure of use. Therefore, a simplified start-up is preferred. It’s often on thermal models. Other types of dethatchers don’t have this kind of problem. However, no matter what the dethatcher , you should be able to make adjustments, such as scarifying depth adjustments, very easily.

Robustness and maintenance

Choose a sturdy dethatcher . To get an idea of ​​the sturdiness of your machine, find out not only about the type of materials used in its manufacture, but also on the Reviews of users. This can give you an idea of ​​the reliability of the operating system of your dethatcher , especially motorized models.

An easy-to-maintain device is a plus for users who aren’t too much into DIY. If you want maximum simplicity , an electric model is undoubtedly the most suitable tool.

When and how to properly scarify your lawn?

It is recommended to scarify the lawn twice a year:

  • In early spring , in March-April and after the last frosts, to rid the lawn of winter felting that prevents lawn regrowth.
  • At the beginning of autumn, in October and before the first frosts. After this scarification you can replant the lawn if necessary. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

when you scarify your lawn, it’s useful to maintain your lawn by clearing it as often as possible of the dead leaves which litter it and which give it a messy appearance. Scarification actually serves to carry out a deeper action. It’s therefore not necessary to exhaust the lawn by scarifying it incessantly.

What are some tips now that will help you achieve successful scarification? Here are the most important:

  • Never scarify a lawn that is too dry or too wet. If your lawn is too dry, water it an hour or two before the scheduled scarification time.
  • Remember to mow your lawn before scarifying, at about 2 cm in height.
  • Adjust the scarifier between 2 and 4 mm, to avoid tearing the roots of your precious grass.
  • Pass the scarifier once in length then once in width, for effective scarification.
  • If the chosen scarifier doesn’t have a bin, collect scarification waste at most 24 hours after the scarification session

Final Thought for GreenWorks 27022

The GreenWorks 27022 is a powerful electric Dethatcher designed to easily cover areas up to 300 square meters. Also it has good maneuverability, large wheels and lightweight.

However, this inexpensive Dethatcher from GreenWorks 27022 is criticized for the absent of a collection box.


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